Class Length: 
60 Minutes

We are pleased to welcome Kindermusik with Ms. Lisa to Belladance! Ms. Lisa will be teaching "Kindermusik for the Young Child" at Belladance's Fort Thomas studio each Wendesday morning from 11:30am-12:30pm.

In this class your child will translate his musical experience with singing, dancing, listening, creating and playing musical instruments. He will then play in ensemble with his classmates. Experience the joy of making music together. Kindermusik starts with a Rhythm language which is a precursor for reading. Children will do focus listening to Brass, Percussion, Woodwind, and String Instruments. They will meet composers and act out their own plays- Nutcracker, Peter and the Wolf.

Your child will feel confident to explore and grow musically in this pressure free group approach to music literacy. Children will learn to play three instruments:  Glockenspiel-Dulcimer and Recorder. Young Child helps every child develop a confident, joyful voice for singing and speaking as well as essential building blocks for a future of learning.

This class includes a separte enrollment form. Please click on the following pdf to print off registration form and information on where to mail registration. Contact Ms. Lisa directly with any questions. or phone c: 513-290-8408