Tuition Rates
Tuition is only accepted on our trimester schedule (monthly tuition prices are listed for comparison only). Tuition may not be paid monthly. Payments are due on the day of registration in August, and the first week in November and February. 

Tuition is non-refundable. If a student, starts or drops a class in the middle of a session, you are responsible for the entire session’s tuition. There is no increase to the tuition due to trimesters with more than 12 classes. Accordingly, tuition is not reduced due to absences incurred by illness, family vacation, holidays or snow days. 

10% Discounts are given to families with more than one child enrolled in a two hour  dance class. The discount applies to the additional child(ren).

Class Price Per Trimester Monthly Cost
45 Minute $125 $43
60 Minute $145 $51
75 Minute $155 $54
90 Minute $175 $62
2 Hour $205 $73

Registration Fee
There is a non–refundable $35 registration fee per year, per family. This fee is due upon enrollment with your first tuition payment.

Tuition Vouchers
For your convenience and to keep our records clear, every student will receive a sheet of Tuition Vouchers on the first day of class. This includes all of the payment vouchers listing amount due for the entire year. If you have not received the Tuition Vouchers, please notify your instructor. 

Payment beginning the 2020-2021 Season
We will ONLY accept an eCheck paying directly out of your checking account online, cash, or credit card payments. No paper checks will be accepted.

Please note that a debit card will be recognized as a credit card and charged the convenience fee, there is a 1% fee when paying by eCheck .

Late/Returned Checks
We would like to keep all our tuition payments up to date, and only with your cooperation will this be possible. Our current method of assessing tuition late fees is as follows:

Late Tuition
Trimesterly payments are due on the day of Registration, by the 1st day of the months of November and February. If the tuition is more than 15 days late there is a $10.00 late fee per student, per week. (For example: 5 weeks late = $50.00 late fee.) If the tuition is more than 30 days late, the student may observe class but will be unable to participate until tuition is up to date.

Returned Check
If the studio receives a “returned check” the payee is required to pay a $35.00 bank charge per check as well as replace the tuition payment with cash or money order.

Costume Fees
$65 for 45-75 minute classes
$65 for 90 minute
$130 for 2 hour classes (2 costumes)

Costume Fees are due the first week of November. Your Tuition Voucher booklet will include receipt slips for costume fees. Please note that only 2-hour class students are required to purchase 2 costumes.

Costume Fees received after the 15th day of November will result in a $10.00 late fee accruable per week past due. 

Discontinuing Classes 
As a courtesy to the studio, staff, and other students, we ask that if you plan on discontinuing or dropping out of any class, you notify the studio or your instructor. Unless we are notified, you will continue to be billed for all enrolled classes. Remember, a student who drops a class in the middle of the session is still responsible for the entire session’s tuition.