Welcome to Belladance!

Welcome to Belladance!

With a warm smile and a welcoming hand, Belladance wants to lead you to your first steps on a journey that will awaken your self confidence, enhance your technique, and push your creative limits.

Five Positions Toward Perfection

First Position

A mother-daughter duo with over 30 combined years of teaching and studio ownership.

Second Position

Our aim is to have a more developed dancer that has a well-rounded experience, not solely focus on the year-end recital.

Third Position

Providing state-of-the-art technology where dancers can watch, analyze and get instant feedback of their work during their actual class.

Fourth Position

A variety of classes will be offered, including morning classes.

Fifth Position

Both studios are in the heart of town, with over 70 off street parking spaces. A safe environment for your dancers!